Renovation 4028: Part 3

29 12 2009

With the bathroom on hold awaiting the plumber, it seems a good time to focus attention on the endless list of other fixes/improvements. It looks like a bomb went off in the house, but I keep telling myself it’s all temporary.

Wall ripped out leading to Rec Room. "Let the sun shine in..."

Debris everywhere. Will have to go through the wood to find good pieces for projects in the future.

Upstairs study/loft (former 2nd bedroom) wall ripped out. Note the classy light switch hanging from the ceiling.

Oops, contractor left part of the wall, awaiting instructions on where the electricity should be moved to. Soon, this will also be wide-open.

Man, how easy it appears to knock down walls.

Doorbell hanging by a thread (or wire), but still works. Classy!

Light and Shadow. Living Room floor. Soon bars will be gone, so this is a fleeting happening.

The steps (and all of the outside for that matter) are projects for another day (or year).




One response

29 12 2009

Any reason why all of it has to be done now? Speaking of now, how cold is it that you can afford to have walls open to the outside?

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