Renovation 4028: Part 4

31 12 2009

Now it’s into the thick of things. Much more deconstruction with dramatic effect. The plaster in the living room was too damaged to work with, so the decision was made to remove it entirely. Thousands of pounds later, and there is an amazing view… a moment frozen in time, since dry wall will soon cover the ceiling. But for now, it’s really amazing to see from the first floor all the way up to the 3rd floor skylight and beyond to the sky above.

Work continues on the first floor with removal of the paneling and evil glue underneath. Preparations for paint also continue, so all is well. Now waiting for the plumber on Tuesday. Lots more going to happen soon…

The rest of the little wall has been removed, although now an electrician needs to be called in to move lines and deal with misc. weirdness.

Yup, much better. With all the weight removed from the house in plaster, I can now add lots of books...

A fun little detail discovered. Children's wallpaper found under crown molding. But is it from the fifties or eighties, I guess I'll never know...

Do you recognize the bathrooms? No more floor. Maybe it will be replaced by glass, which will give guests below quite a show...

Okay, get ready for a lot of "see-through" pics. Wish there was some way to maintain the open feeling after the reno, but probably not in the bathrooms!

Stairs below, sky above. Wow.

Details. A lot of the pipes will be removed/changed by the plumber, so even these invisible things will not be here much longer...

This is exactly where I'll be taking a shower in a couple of months. Don't want to slip then or now...

Scardey cat. Or big ham! Getting a glimpse at the man behind the lens.

Living Room. Or Hunting Lodge. Amazing how the missing ceiling opens up the room. Note the light shining through on the right where above the bathrooms lie.

Up to the bathrooms, down to the first floor...

Looking up. I told you, there would be a lot of these pics, but they're just too cool...

Could be modern art. Note the glimpse of the balcony door in the upper right...

Lines, lines everywhere...

Oh, now this is lovely. In a way.

First floor. Looking much better, despite the chaos.

Oh man, all the glue has to be scraped off. What a pain!

Oops, big crack in the plaster that was hidden by the paneling. Hopefully, it's an old issue and won't cause problems after it's been patched.

Baby Woff-Woff. Found him on the side of the road and have promised to give him a spin in the washing machine when it's up and running. Until then, everything must be dirty...




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12 01 2010

Books for plaster – a most excellent trade.

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