Renovation 4028: Part 2

29 12 2009

The second day of renovations went quickly and revealed a whole lot more about the house. Some good, some not so. But it’s interesting to get into the thick of things. No turning back, of course.

More "stuff" pulled out of the bathrooms. Now the master bath (behind the hall bath) is naked as well.

Down to the floorboards. Sadly, it was discovered that the pipes are so old they need to be replaced. Will need to put the bathroom on hold until she can come. Luckily (or not), there are plenty of other things to do...

Death Ray 2000 offering a hand. Er, paw.

Naked walls. The contractor had to carve grooves in the cement to put in boards that will eventually support new walls. Quite a messy job.

Layer upon layer. Tile on top of tile. On top of plaster. On top of wire mesh. On top of particle board. On top of cement. On top of brick.

"I can see stars." Well, not really, but it's pretty open.

Detail of a Deconstruction.

DR2K must be protected...

Union Label; thank God for that...

Night Magic in Ghetto Backyard (for now).




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