Renovation 4028: Part 1

29 12 2009

Well, I got to enjoy one night at the place before calling in the contractors and seeing what their professional advice would be. There is a whole list of things to do in the place (quite a long list, actually), and I didn’t know where to start. I WAS hoping that they would say that the bathrooms were really not that bad, despite clear evidence otherwise. But no, it was decided that the bathrooms must come out first, so it was time to breathe deeply and jump in.

Such class! Wonder what pieces will remain...

Anybody wanna buy a sink?

Approaching the bathrooms. Much garbage (not body parts) in the garbage bags.

Looking into the hall bathroom. Where did the walls go?

The arch looks like some weird cathedral remnant. Sadly, it will not be going back up, but maybe I'll save the piece for some strange project along the way. The contractor is saving the old wood for me. Fun!

Squishy-squishy; poor toilet paper! Detail of wall being ripped out, complete with inch and a half of concrete and old-school plaster, not to mention wire mesh and tile...

Master bathroom... well, someday...

Maybe I should just jump...




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