Opening Night 4028: December 1, 2009

26 12 2009

Closing. December 1, 2009. After so much hassle getting the house, a little celebration was in order. Thanks to Ashley, my attorney, for all her hard work.  And to Lea, Jay, Erin, Mike, Tim, Myrtle, and Brandon for coming on by on my first night in the house. I think it will be awhile before I crash there again (no fun sleeping on an uninflated mattress in the dining room), but some occasions have to be marked. And marked well!

Cake and champagne; now THIS is the way to celebrate! Thanks, Gary, for maybe the best cake I've ever had!

First night; first slice of cake!

Celebrate good times...

Medieval Gang helping me celebrate...

The Photographer at work...

Serial killer of colleague... you decide. Thanks for coming, Tim!

Finally, a happy event to give a much belated wedding present to Lea and Jay...

Light one (or two or four?) candle...





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