23 11 2009

Much fun was had Sunday night (25 Oct 09) welcoming John Richards to the club on Arkansas Avenue.

Thanks to all the neighbors — Karen Armstrong, Myrtle Lewis, Douglas Singer, David Halbeisen, Brandon Webster, Beth Holzman, Jon Epstein, Joseph Pigg, Daryle Macoccia, Noel Castellands, Jeffrey Kibler, Jen Visick —  who came by for spaghetti, garlic bread and RED WINE!  And special thanks to the gracious host, Michael K. Wilkinson, for a grand idea!




3 responses

24 11 2009
Michael K. Wilkinson

don’t forget about Hattie Foo and deathray_2000! Oh, and Rena Holzman (10) and Bennett Epstein (4 mos.)!

17 12 2009
Kathy Theus

I love what you did with the house…oh the colors are wonderful!!! NOT I too am wondering why the bars are on the windows. Demon begone!!! All it needs is a couple walls knocked down, new toilets, some cleaning, tons of paint & an excorcism for the Demon behind those bars. That’s not much. All kidding aside it looks pretty good & I know what it’s going to look like because I’ve seen your little project book. I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to see the finished project. It’ going to be wonderful, of that I am sure. You know I’m going to have to come to D.C. now. Love, Kathy

18 12 2009

Congrats on the new home. Pics look fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

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