Settling In 4028

2 11 2010

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since the last post, but not because nothing has been going on. Quite the opposite. Between work and settling in, life has been frantic. Not much time for anything else, but it HAS been nice to see the changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer to Fall on Ark Ave. Thanks to my sister, Heather, I have some pics to share…

Amazing elephant ears gifted to most of the block by Jeff. They turned out wonderfully this year. Need to dig the bulbs out now for next year!

Entrance, a little more cleaned up. The ivy is starting to come back, and I really need to pull it off the house again, but I think it looks kinda cool. Will have to address that in the fall...

The Lounge on the first floor. All abstract art and cool retro-ness.

Oh, wider view... yes, there is a lot of stuff in there...

These are some really cool Philippine tables that used to be factory cart wheels. A wonderful gift from my colleague Ruth and her husband Frank. Thanks, guys!

Art going from the first floor to the second. The theory is that as you move upward in the house, the art goes from abstract to figural to narrative. Of course, no one would ever be able to guess that...

Waoh, the Dining Room. Lotsa plates, bowls, and room at the table...

Vespers wants me to pull a chair out for her. "Where's my dinner?"

BIG plates hold more food...

All in a row...

Cooksbooks... can't wait for the kitchen to be finished so I can actually use them. Until then, I have to content myself with looking at pictures (and microwave dinners)!

Living room: I spent a couple of weekends (and numerous glasses of wine) deciding where art would be hung. I got some of it right; others I'll have to go back and re-install some day (maybe with a little less wine!). But this wall in the living room works; it's WPA and industrial...

Living room fireplace. Of course, all I see are projects. The stone here needs to be scrubbed big time, the mantle worked on, and the wall behind the painting painted a charcoal grey. So much still to do!

Detail of my WPA architectural model collection ("the houses"). I have no idea how there got to be so many of them. Oops!

Ah, another shot of the industrial pieces, but note at the far left a really cool Sonneman lamp that after a couple of years of lusting after, finally won at auction. Of course, I had to drive to New Jersey to pick it up. Ouch!

Ah, the "window panels." Heather, Autumn, and I spent hours picking out just the right combination of fabrics. Little did we know that it would take the rest of a weekend to install the hardware and then cut all the pieces to the right size. Needless to say, that will be the fanciest window coverings in the house...

More art on the other side of the room. This shot is looking down to the first floor. Circus pieces, crazy flower, and depressed people. Fun!

Upstairs art. This used to be the hallway, but is now a part of the Library, so you can see out to the stairwell connecting the second and third floors. All that light! (And, yes, that is Mr. Roger's Trolley on the overhang!)

View into the Library/Office. Just in case you were wondering, I'm preparing for a massive vampire attack!

The Writing Desk (another gift from Ruth and Frank), weighs a million pounds and took three people to move it upstairs. Here's hoping I write a lot heavier stuff sitting at it...

Oops, back to the crucifixes. "Go to the Light..."

And following along logically, my Army of Robots. Religion vs. Science. Or something like that...

Adding to the ranks of the robots. One photo is just not enough to express their glory (Note that there are no pictures of my Super Hero collection... those are downstairs and wait for another day!)

Spare bedroom/dressing room/cat room (according to Vespers).

No, that is not a coffin to the left, but a armoire (maybe a coffin would be more fun... to go with all those crosses, you know)...

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." -- Cicero

Bedroom. After several failed attempts to get the boxspring up to the third floor, I had to give up. Instead, I built a platform for the bedframe and put the mattress on top. Still a little too low, so count that as another project... someday.

Wheh, that's all for now. Here's hoping that there will be more updates sooner rather than later. Coming NEXT MONDAY: new kitchen counters and sink. I will FINALLY be able to wash dishes without hauling them up to the bath tub (bleah!)



2 responses

17 11 2010

Wow. You’ve done such an amazing job. It’s as if everything was made for this space and this space was made for everything! Love it.

18 11 2010

Thanks, David! It certainly has been a process… Now, little by little, I’m getting to enjoy it!

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