Moving 4028: Part 1

25 03 2010

As a change from all the renovation posts, here is part one of the moving saga. As always, these are a little out-of-date, but the house is still awash with boxes. I may never see the light of day again! It does have the feeling of Christmas — wondering what will be in each box. But a lot more work…

Here comes the (second) POD!

Oh, set it down anywhere...

Don't tread on me (or run me over in the process).

So the first POD has already come and gone; this one, however, is much bigger and filled to the brim.

Amazing system the POD People have... The frame is motorized and lifts up and away from the storage unit. How cool!

Follow the yellow brick (or brown cardboard) road...

I'm afraid to look...

Oh, yes, there is a LOT of stuff. "Bursting at the seams," even!

Thank God for movers!

Move, movers, move!

Every square inch (and hard to tell which way is up)...

Oops, I think you forgot these...

First floor. Boxes. Need I say more?

Another perspective. Brace yourselves!

Still first floor. Change of perspective.

Wait, what could that be on the second floor? Boxes, perhaps?

Tower of Babal.

Second floor. Explosion of "stuff."

Payoff. Pottery. Pretty cool.

Canyon of Boxes.

Extreme close up.

The boxes are gaining ground...

A closer close up.

Beep, beep, chair trying to get through!

Death Ray 2000 visits the Guest Room.

All this moving has made me very thirsty... Time to unwind!



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