Renovation 4028: Part 12

10 03 2010

Getting really, really close, but I’m amazed at the squillion and one things remaining to do. The bathrooms are done, though (sound the trumpets)! Floors are completed as well! Lots of paint touch-ups, as well as baseboards on the first floor. Then there’s the entire laundry room/3rd bathroom and the work shop. Then the bars on the windows. Then the kitchen (eeks, I’m in denial about the mess that that is). But let’s focus on the positives… I have electricity (although there still may be some issues in the kitchen, but I’m still in denial about that, remember?) The weather has been much, much kinder than of late. And I’m beginning to move real stuff into the place. Yay, Team!

Just about done! Light fixtures and switch plates are all that remain outstanding in these shots.

Bathtub and accessories. Note the "crazy" toilet paper holder. My contractor's eyes got wide when I told him I wanted it installed on its side. Guess I really am weird.

The floating vanity/sink and floating mirror work well together. Funky toilet will take some getting used to...

Master bath with shower. Oh, so the glass isn't in yet. Another thing to add to the list... But the rest of it is looking good.

Close up of these fixtures. I really like the layout of this bathroom, and the fact that it's so similar to the other bathroom doesn't even seem to matter...

The little shelf here is one of my favorite touches in the entire process. I'm so glad I pushed for it...

Subway to the left. Mind the gap.

Lovely details...

Light, light, light...

Cross, blocks, and circles.

Now onto the floors. More shadows...

Downstairs, pre-treatment...

Ew, cruddy.

Second Floor: more to come.

Third floor: soon to be all mended.

Neato-view. Dark. Light. Finished. Torn up.

Detail of first floor floors. Next post will be the reveal on the refinishing. Stay tuned...



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