Destruction 4028: Part 1 (of 1, hopefully!)

2 03 2010

Of course, nothing can be simple. What I thought was an electrical problem inside the house turned out to be a larger issue connecting the house to the main city power. Ouch! After a small explosion and some smoke, the original Pepco crew decided on Saturday evening that it was a bigger deal than they had thought. Fast forward to Monday, and more digging. Oops, too big of a job to be completed. 8 more hours of work on Tuesday, and — hopefully — there will be power when I head over tonight. Cross your fingers!

Where it all began... Pop of light and whisp of smoke as 69 year old wires touched metal...

Now everybody knows that I have faulty wires. Oh no!

Do we really have to dig?

Inside the house, look at the crappy wire...

I'm not going down there; you go down there!

Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The sound of concrete being cut...

No duh!

Really? This is all necessary?

If only the wires were under my crappy steps, we would be in business. But I couldn't convince the Pepco guys to dig just a little to the left...

Looks like a party.

Drill, baby, drill!

Paint on the grass. No blood spilled. Yet.

No, say it ain't so...

All this fuss. Maybe I don't need electricity, after all...

So this is what's in these things? You gotta be kidding me.

At least the workhole cover didn't blow up on me as was happening in Georgetown a couple of years ago...

Thanks, Pepco guys, for all your hard work. Here's hoping that it was all successful!



3 responses

8 03 2010

Have you been living there while all of this is going on?

8 03 2010

You gotta be kidding! I’m living under a bridge right now. Eating all the goats that come by…

11 03 2010

sorry 4 being such a re-re, jtr. i could have assumed that by looking at the pictures, but i thought maybe you found one corner of the house where you could be living.

anyway, looking great, and i’m impressed. will hv 2 visit 1 day.

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