Renovation 4028: Part 11

1 03 2010

Another delay in posting, but there has been a lot of progress. Despite the Snowpocalypse, which did shut things down for over a week, the place is coming together. Here are some artistic shots and snow scenes. There are more to come, but they may have to wait for another post…

The excess grout has been cleaned away to make everything look neat and orderly. It's still a little too light, but I'm going to live with it for awhile to see if it grows on me...


Other/Master/Shower bathroom... looking good... Okay, I said there were going to be abstracts and snow pics, so they're up next.

Fade to vanishing point...

Crazy fade...which way is up?

Sky light above...could that be the soft blue glow of snow?

Snow, indeed, as seen from the new bathroom window.

More snow, adjusted to "normal" snow tones.

Oh, yeah, there's stuff going on besides the bathrooms (but still snow out the window!)

Extreme close up of backyard. All the garbage from the renovation is now hidden by a white blanket.

I had to include this one as well... what a difference color makes...

Downstairs is coming along as well...

Snow (and a great photo) make everything look beautiful. Never thought the scrolies on the window bars could look so nice...

A little further down...

Go bus, go! (This was before everything shut down for a week plus).

The neighborhood all quiet and waiting...



One response

1 03 2010

Great photos, as always. Some mind-bending, some beautiful, many both. 🙂 I think you’re right to wait on the grout; the light color may not be as apparent once the other fixtures are installed, shower curtain (or whatever you’re putting there) is up, etc. So glad you’re doing this blog!

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