Renovation 4028: Part 10

6 02 2010

Slow, but steady progress. Even amidst the snow some good work got done today. Grout is now in, but — oops — it dries lighter than expected (and than appears in the pics). Will have to look into a finish that makes it a little darker. Always something. These are right before the excess grout was wiped off, so another moment in time…

Looking a little abstract...

"That's a bunch of crap!" Looking down the rabbit (or toilet) hole. Where's Alice?

Threshold into the shower -- after much debate -- is all set. There is concern that it may crack under the weight of the glass that will go in, but I have faith.

"Hellooooooo!?!" Alien face, soon to be my sink connections.

The grout came out perfect between the subway tile. Soon it will look like it's always been there.

Welcome to the spa...

Tools of the trade... but who is Julio?

Hall bath. Maybe I should have chosen different tile for each. Oh well, too many decisions.

Taking a bath... well, not quite yet.

Extreme close up.

Fading, fading...



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