Renovation 4028: Part 9

3 02 2010

Well, the home stretch. At least with the bathrooms. Tile is going up, and — damn — it’s just right. Well, almost. The process has been difficult… the crazy “penny tile” that was ordered from a German company and took 4 weeks to find and ship arrived half broken. Several frantic phone calls later and a new shipment was sent within two days. All’s well that ends well, but really, I could do with a lot less drama.

Okay, here's the best shot first. Couldn't wait. Band of tile down the center of the bathroom. "The Waterfall Wall." No grout in yet, but you can get a sense of how it's going to look. Neat-o!

Action shot...

Another angle. Love the contrast between the subway and the penny tile.

Details, details...

Fade to black...

The IT Team seems to like...

All sanded and painted. Just like new.

More pics to come… more work to do… For the bathrooms, they are finishing the tile work today and maybe putting in the grout. The cabinet maker is bringing the vanities this PM. The replacement faucets have arrived, so most everything is in place. Of course, after this is done, I have to coordinate the kitchen counter people, the floor guy, the furnace guy, the locksmith, oh… and write another major proposal before moving in hopefully at the end of the month.  Eeks!



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