Renovation 4028: Part 8

1 02 2010

There are so many good pics from the work being done, it’s hard to choose which ones to share. Just to let everyone know that the first “official” party will be here on May 1, 2010 (thinking ahead… maybe the main work will be done by then and I’ll be mostly unpacked). Call it a “May Day” or “Cinco de Mayo” bash, anything but a housewarming. Hopefully, it will be quite warm by then…

This view really gets me. At top of the second stairwell at landing to the third floor, looking into the spare room. Shades of white upon white. You get to see the amazing transition space leading into the room. It will be a great place for visitors.

Hall bath. Looking more like a room...

Master bathroom (and my contractor's helper). You can see the buildout that hides the plumbing and has created my "shelf" that I'm quite proud of. Oh, and the new window is in. Cool!

White, white, WHITE!

I'm thinking a sputnik light here, top of the stairs on the third floor.

Ewww... the backyard... Need I say more?

Scrollies. I love them, but maybe not on the windows. Thinking they will have to go... Maybe they'll become a garden sculpture at some point.

So, this is my favorite picture from the entire process. Thanks, Mike. Light and shadow. White and black. And lotsa gray in between.



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