Renovation 4028: Part 6

29 01 2010

Still behind in updating the progress, but let’s just say it’s going well.  As always, much more to do (and to post), but here’s at least some more pics to share…

Living room now has a ceiling. I kinda miss the wood above...

Detail of wiring work...

Library loft further along. The note taped on the wall at the right is instructions for the electrician. Lotsa details to remember!

I've come unglued!

Great good gods, there are holes everywhere!

Red tubing for water, white cable for electicity. No pinhole leaks, please.

At some point, these reflections won't have the old security bars, but for now it's nice to see the lines...

Bricks, plaster, and shadows.

Bathroom fixtures have arrived! Of course, half of them have to be sent back, because it turns out they won't fit or plans have changed. Urgh...

Looky, a couple of days later, and the hanging wires in the Library Loft have been taken care of. Looking more like a real room now.

Now, I just need to figure out exactly how to have the floor fixed where the wall used to be...

Wait, are those floors in the bathrooms?

And the outline of a wall?

Change of perspective.



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