Restoration 4028: Part 5

28 01 2010

Long time, no post. But only because renovation (and a pesky work proposal) have been eating up all my time. But lots of pictures to share, and lots more to come…

Light from below...

Blue on the outside, warm and fuzzy inside...

No more pipes in floor. If I'm not careful, soon there will be no floor!

Floaty, floaty!

Extreme details. Looking through one hole into another where pipes used to live.

1st Floor. Starting to look a little more like a real room.

Ouch! Holes from the plumber looking for old pipes. Looks like giant termites have been here.

Pile of pipes: all this junk came out of the floors/walls.

Cross section of one of the pipes. If there was any doubt that I needed new pipes...

Master bedroom looking into bath. Soon the middle door (old closet) will be covered up. Look, new ceiling!

Speed photography: new pipes in. Okay, in real life this took many days, but they're in now!

Guest bedroom: no more purple walls. Bright-white, white-white...

Copper! Where? Was I speeding?... (to be hidden away in the floors and walls)...

Kinda looks like a hunting lodge. I'm tempted to keep it this way...

Ignore the holes in the walls and the garbage on the floor... squint just right, and you can see some of the grandness coming back.

"The Destroyer," aka Jhonny Claure, aka my contractor, working his magic!

Goodbye door, hello wall.

A shame these will all be covered up. But I have pictures...

More holes (for both plumber and electrician). And -- hey, where did my counters go?!?

Another day done. Leaving the light on...




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